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On the “election-methods” mailing list, we discuss the nitty-gritty details of single-winner election reform, the relative merits of different proportional representation systems, and the technical underpinnings of all election methods. “election-methods” discussions tend to be technical in nature (or at least, very laden with jargon), with the ultimate goal of providing recommendations and educational material to the electoral reform movement. In-depth discussions about the technical subtleties of alternative election methods are welcome on the “election-methods” mailing list. This list has been host to years of advocacy of niche methods and well-reasoned critiques of relatively popular alternatives.

Code of Conduct

Please come prepared to defend the statements that you make, and to directly answer the questions that others ask of you. This list was set up to increase communication between people interested in new forms of election methodology, not as a sounding board for those who wish to drown out opposing views with prolific repetition of statements already made. When conflicts arise, please use this list to understand fully why the other side feels the way they do by honest intellectual inquiry. And when those who feel differently than you are trying to understand why you feel the way you do, please answer as honestly and directly as possible.

Hopefully this is all common sense, but sadly not common enough (hence the reason for this message). In summary, please ask, answer, and be humble.

Index of Voting Methods

A list of voting methods is stored on electowiki.org

Frequently Asked Questions List

Most things discussed on this list should be documented on Electowiki.

Additionally, Wikipedia:WikiProject Voting Systems is a good source of information.

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